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dutch hope in days of fear

Admittedly a little late i've only just been discovering the legendary dutch cabaret of Neerlands Hoop in Bange Dagen (1968-1979), formed by Freek de Jonge and the recently deceased Bram Vermeulen. It's 30+ years old but still sharp and relevant. Consider this one, in a crude translation:


However deep you go
Into the woods
You hear a plane or train
And you know
What it means
There will never be silence again

Silence you break
By even talking about it

Many more (Dutch) lyrics @ www.zwartekat.nl/neerlandshoop.

Neerlands Hoop

blaseity dinted by tv on the radio

Not often completely wowed by new music anymore, but this one has been on repeat all weekend: Young Liars EP - TV on the Radio (Something like Soul Coughing meets Peter Gabriel, including a doowop cover of the Pixies'… Read the full post »

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