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politics & theatre

Is the current political farce in the USA and elsewhere leading theatre writers/directors to make equally onesided, hollow statements, robbed of any nuance?


It seems that way with "Embedded", Tim Robbins' socalled "incisive black comedy about the Pentagon's Prime Time War, a huge, stage-managed 24-hour news event and its attempts to turn the media feeding-frenzy to its advantage." Because, despite raving reviews, the play just isn't very good. In fact, it makes you think back to the good old days when Tim Robbins did "Bob Roberts".

In the same vein, the new Dutch play "Mightysociety", about three spin doctors in a brainstorm session dreaming up the ideal politician, makes you nostalgic for "Wag the Dog".


simon vs. oscar

Rarely a Dutch film comes out worth recommending. But Simon, the new film by Eddy Terstall , is definitely worth seeing. Opening film on the Dutch Film Festival and the Dutch submission for the Oscars , Simon is a monument to the Dutc… Read the full post »

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