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uphill battle

If you remember every word in this book, your memory will have recorded about two million pieces of information: the order in your brain will have increased by about two million units. However, while you have been reading the book, you will have converted at least a thousand calories of ordered energy, in the form of food, into disordered energy, in the form of heat that you lose to the air around you by convection and sweat. This will increase the disorder of the universe by about twenty million million million million units -- or about ten million millon million times the increase in order in your brain -- and that's if you remember everything in this book.

From "A Brief History of Time" - Stephen Hawking, 1988.


big ideas in perspective

Reading Bertrand Russell's History of Western Philosophy puts some of human kind's biggest ideas in perspective for you: Big idea #1: Their [Leucippus and Democritus, 5th century b.c.] point of view was remarkably like that of modern… Read the full post »

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happy new year! that is, if you remember the old one.. so maybe happy year! is better.

peter (URL), 03-01-’05 11:09

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