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iffr: story undone

Only at the Rotterdam Film Festival will you find yourself in a late night Q&A entirely conducted in Farsi. Iranian director Hassan Yektapanah explains his film 'Story Undone', a weirdly funny film about two documentary makers attempting to make a film about a group of people illegally emigrating from their country. It turns out most of the audience is Iranian as well, so all the questions are in Farsi too. The interpreter almost forgets her task of translating things for us Westerners.

Yektapanah explains the hilarious scene where the film makers are chased into a tree by two wild dogs:

Communicating with dogs is so straightforward. They [the film makers] solve the situation by giving the dogs some pieces of bread. After that, they're friends. If you contrast that with humans, who've spent thousands of years building infrastructures and languages and whatnot - and they still can't manage to communicate normally.

mythical proportions

After some comments on my Skype profile photo, i did another search today on the film the photo is from, the Hungarian film Hagyjállógva Vászka (Vaska Easoff), directed by Péter Gothár. I saw … Read the full post »

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but than again, they do not smell each other's butts either

p (URL), 29-01-’05 20:25

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