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let's see some identification

My new passport is all shiny and weird.

  • It has a kind of oversized creditcard glued into it which makes it an unbendable affair, awkward to carry in basically any pocket.
  • The design (yes, passports too are designed!) features what look like horizontal prison bars which partly overlap my picture.
  • On another page they printed an Andy Warhollish monotone print of my picture which isn't even remotely recognizable as me.
  • They miniaturized my signature to a degree where even in Lilliput they'd be squinting to see something was there.
  • Did i mention it's too shiny? My old passport frayed and aged nicely over the years, but this one will probably stay new and conspicuous forever.

Really, what will they think when i show up with this as id?

And i didn't even participate in the 'get a discount, get a biometrics passport now' test they were pushing so hard...

One comment

Did you already find out that the 'Andy Warhollish monotone print of' your picture is in fact a cool seethrough?
Hold it in front of a lamp and look through Andy. There you are.

Sieger , 30-03-’05 17:53

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