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spacetimemoney continuum

His wealth resides less in possessions than in the fact of that most modern of powers, mobility, the ability to be present at practically the same time in every part of the globe. A life of travel, of palaces, seems gilded with a magic that sedentary luxury has lost.

Wrote Eric Rohmer about Orson Welles' 'Mr. Arkadin' in 1957.

The luxury of mobility, now much more commonplace, is neatly visualized in the Personal World Map. It takes time and money (themselves interchangable, right?) as the criteria for distance, and then distorts the earth according to your input.

The supremacy of time over distance is not only real for the flow of information but also for our movements across the earth. Places which are more accessible seem to get "closer" to each other while less accessible places become isolated. This fact clearly affects our perception of the earth.

Create your own world map @ www.personalworldmap.org


human footprint map

As a follow-up to my earlier Human Footprint post , here's an illustrative world map. The resolution is poor, but the Netherlands look reddish if not purple... The Human Footprint is a quantative analysis of human influence on t… Read the full post »

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