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shi jing

Some more on China... A sample from the 'Shi Jing' ('Book of Songs' or 'Book of Odes'), the oldest collection of poetry from ancient China and one of the Five Classics.

The original of the poem below is composed of four character lines, giving it a 4x4x4 shape (in stark contrast to the number of words English needs).

The Fierce Wind

Fierce is the wind with a heavy rain.
You look at me, grinning,
And bantering with dissolute words in your arrogance.
Indeed, you often make me feel sad.

Fierce is the wind with clouds of dust.
You have kindly come to me at last.
But do not hurry to leave as you have just come --
Into miserable lovesickness you would throw me!

Fierce is the wind across the cloudy sky;
Frequently there are dark clouds piled upon the horizon.
At times I am kept awakening;
I wish my yearning could make you sneeze!

The sky becomes overcast with dark clouds;
Rumbling and rolling are the thunders.
At times I am kept awakening;
I hope you can as lovingly think of me!

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Cool. Have you got some more photos from your trip. I loved the previous ones.

Jens (URL), 25-10-’05 01:06

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