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deep into the woods

After watching almost a thousand minutes of 'Twin Peaks' (pilot plus sixteen epsiodes) this weekend, what can i say... David Lynch and Mark Frost's creation is still among the most memorable and adventurous TV ever made. The series is often credited for setting a new standard in TV drama cinematography, but storywise such weirdness and darkness was not seen again. (Except perhaps for Dennis Potter's 'Karaoke', but that was only four episodes.)

In fact, Lynch complained about the changed climate in the TV industry when his 'Mulholland Drive' pilot was refused by ABC executives ten years later. (It eventually became a Palme winning film.)

Not entirely surprising perhaps from a director who said about 'Twin Peaks':

I liked the idea of a continuing story that sucks you into a deeper world. But Laura Palmer's killer was never meant to be discovered. The mystery was meant to float permanently above the action. Once it got solved, something beautiful was lost.
Twin Peaks

Anyway, thanks to the people from LLIK for damn fine coffee and cherrie pie.


blue bob

Sure i knew David Lynch was involved in music, creating soundtracks for his films (' Eraserhead ') and writing lyrics for Julee Cruise (used in ' Twin Peaks ') and Jocelyn Montgomery . But somehow i'd missed ' Blue Bob ' (2002), a… Read the full post »

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Actually, I remember Wild Palms. It was a mini-series and pretty much up there in weirdness.


Jens , 21-12-’05 01:50

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