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tela totius terrae

The "tela totius terrae" (ttt) is the world wide web (www) in Latin. If this sounds like Asterix & Obelix, it turns out there's a whole 'Dictionary of Modern Latin' (published by the Vatican).

Though most new words seem unwieldy descriptions instead of real neologisms, there are some funny ones:

  • bikini = vesticula balnearis Bikiniana ("little bathing costume from Bikini")
  • cover girl = exterioris paginae puella
  • drummer = pulsator
  • hippie = conformitatis osor ("hater of conformity")
  • jazz = iazensis musica
  • kamikaze = voluntarius sui interreptor
  • masseuse = tractatrix
  • milkshake = potio agitata
  • nightclub = taberna nocturna
  • pizza = placenta compressa
  • playboy = iuvenis voluptarius
  • psychologist = humani animi investigator
  • rush hour = tempus maximae frequentiae
  • soccer = pediludium ("foot game")
  • stripper = sui ipsius nudatrix
  • UFO = res inexplicata volans
  • videocassette = sonorarum visualiumque taeniarum cistellula ("little box of ribbons of sounds and sights")
  • vodka = valida potio Slavica
  • voyeur = obscena observandi cupidus
  • weapons of mass destruction = universalis destructionis armamenta


This word was voted most beautiful German word in the competition organized by the Goethe Institute and the German Language Council. 'Belongings' doesn't even come close as an English translation. The word doesn't signify ownership o… Read the full post »

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Your pictures are great.

bobbie (URL), 16-03-’06 00:04

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