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compliment spam

Argh! Heavy comment spam attack tonight. Is 53 in 14 minutes a record? Probably not. But the annoying thing is you have to weed them all out manually, which is kind of an uphill battle against automated spammers.

On the other hand, i don't think i've ever gotten so many compliments in 14 minutes. For the record:

This site is a lot of fun very well designed.

Your pictures are great.

Very interesting and professional site! Good luck!

I like your website alot...its lots of fun... you have to help me out with mine...

Hey man...sorry I missed the party.

Update: After two more days of constant spamming from Priscillas, Jeromes, Laurettes and the rest, i've resorted to installing the Pivot-Blacklist for "military grade protection against comment spam, trackback spam and referer spam". Let's see if that helps any...

Up-update: Not a single spam comment has gotten through since installing Blacklist! It overwhelmingly outweighs the minor nuisance of having to fill out an extra field in the comment form. (Btw, the answer is 'maps'!)

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