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wealth of networks

Interesting new book by Yochai Benkler, 'The Wealth of Networks'. Like Kelly, Barlow ('The Economy of Mind') and Lessig ('The Future of Ideas'), Benkler describes the move from industrial information production (of mass media, patents, copyrights and lawsuits) towards a networked information economy (of wikis, blogs, p2p, open source, etc.).

...it would be silly to think that music, a cultural form without which no human society has existed, will cease to be in our world if we abandon the industrial form it took for the blink of a historical eye that was the twentieth century. Music was not born with the phonograph, nor will it die with the peer-to-peer network.

So yes, this is another internet optimist - though concerned as much with socio-economics as with arguing the revolution.

Considering the subject, it's only natural there's a free PDF version of the book, under a Creative Commons license.


some good old internet optimism

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