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the falling eye

Interesting exhibition of Saskia Olde Wolbers' video art, titled 'The Falling Eye', at the Stedelijk Museum.

In all four pieces shown, dreamlike images combine with a voice-over narrating bizarre and complex stories. In Trailer (2005), for example, a man in an Ohio film theatre watches a trailer about a Hollywood actress who disappears in the Amazonian jungle after a plane crash and gets addicted to a rare hallucinogenic plant, to the point where the species dies out. From watching the trailer, the man realizes the actress is his mother.

Saskia Olde Wolbers - Trailer

The link between images and story is tenuous: we see the arenas in which the story takes place, but never the characters. The strength of the pieces lies in the surreal beauty of the images. The camera moves languidly through underwater worlds dripping with paint. A cinema, a jungle, a hospital - all transformed into viscous living spaces.

Saskia Olde Wolbers - Placebo

Though no doubt there's a lot of meta-theoretical commentary going on here about storytelling and the relation between fiction and reality (it's Art, so there must be, right?), these pieces work best taken at face value. That is, just sit back and watch these breathtaking glimpses of a far-off dreamworld, and try not to wonder what it all means. If you do, it becomes a bit silly - and more than a bit pretentious.

More images here.


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