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but it isn't enough

Now the summer has passed.
It might never have been.
It is warm in the sun,
But it isn't enough.

All that might've occurred
Like a five-fingered leaf
Fluttered into my hands,
But it isn't enough.

Neither evil nor good
Has yet vanished in vain,
It all burned and was light,
But it isn't enough.

Life has been as a shield,
And has offered protection.
I have been most fortunate,
But it isn't enough.

The leaves were not burned.
The boughs were not broken,
The day clear as glass,
But it isn't enough.

- Arseny Tarkovsky.

His son Andrei Tarkovsky included this poem in his film 'Stalker', narrated by Arseny himself. More of his poetry featured in 'The Mirror'.

(Mosfilm has released most of Tarkovsky's films online, including 'Stalker', though I really wouldn't recommend trying to watch these cinematic masterpieces on a laptop screen.)

This poem particularly expresses a major theme in 'Stalker', and indeed in many of his films, of man's yearning for some form of metaphysical guidance in a postapocalyptic, disillusioned age of cynical Writers and pragmatic Professors (to name the two iconic characters in the film).

Note also how this poem seems to be a response, or juxtaposition to 'And this I dreamt, and this I dream', posted before.


stalking hieronymus

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