radio kootwijk

Radio Kootwijk - 1

Radio Kootwijk - 2

In a (by Dutch standards) remote part of the Veluwe stands the monumental radio tower of Radio Kootwijk. Built in 1923 as a long-distance telegraphic station for the then Dutch colonies, particularly in Indonesia, today this concrete cathedral has lost its function but survives as a mysterious piece of modernist architecture.

Radio Kootwijk - 3

Radio Kootwijk - 4

One of the first structures in the Netherlands to be made of reinforced concrete, its architect, Julius Luthmann, designed the building to resemble a sphinx. Its elegant proportions and especially its decorative details are fascinating, offering a rare example of art nouveau in concrete.

As a bonus, the Veluwe then offered a stunning sunset with sundogs...

Veluwe sunset with sundogs
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