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deaf2012: sealed

Some interesting work at the Dutch Electronic Art Festival 2012 exhibition that's on at the former post office in Rotterdam. One highlight is 'Sealed' by Jessica de Boer, part of a trend at DEAF2012 to employ basic natural elements and processes to create stunning organic and ever changing abstract patterns.

Sealed - Jessica de Boer - 1

'Sealed' consists of a cube of salt sealed inside a much larger block of ice. The resulting thermodynamic process - i.e. the salt melting the ice inside the cube - generates a beautiful and slowly evolving frozen sculpture. While the starting point of this work is clear, seeing it 'in progress' makes you wonder how it will end. Does the whole block eventually melt and collapse, or do the salt and ice reach an equilibrium, a permanent version of the sculpture?

Sealed - Jessica de Boer - 2

Sealed - Jessica de Boer - 3

Unfortunately, the work also requires quite a bit of energy to function, as the ice block is showcased inside a large freezer. (Note to DEAF and/or the artist: how green is the energy consumed for this work? Is this carbon neutral art?)

Another work worth mentioning is 'Notion Motion' by Olafur Eliasson. Seen before at Boijmans, this piece reminds of 'Ondulation', which was exhibited at DEAF07. 'Notion Motion' creates complex wave patterns in a large pool of water and displays their reflections on a screen. Like a mesmerizing abstract film, it invites sitting down to watch the whole cycle of disturbance and settling down repeatedly.

Notion Motion - Olafur Eliasson - 1

Notion Motion - Olafur Eliasson - 2

The DEAF2012 exhibition runs until this weekend (3 June).

Update: DEAF kindly responded to my question about carbon neutral art:

Though it wasn't feasible for this temporary location, we are working on a program with our landlord to make our office (the V2_ office) carbon neutral... the green rooftop is here, the solar panels will come soon... getting there.

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