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  • responsive, nobile, projects
    In a long overdue overhaul of this website, but in time for its 10th anniversary later this year, I have implemented three changes: A responsive layout, meaning the site a
  • website hacked
    Just a short service announcement: today my website was hacked and down for most of the day until I had a chance to clean up the mess, directory by tedious directory. This
  • pivotx
    Some maintenance going on here, as I finally made the jump to PivotX , software-wise. Still some details to iron out, but mostly things should work smoothly and future-pro
  • florence graffiti
    Just launched a new snapshots gallery , powered by Zenphoto , to replace the old manual one. It'll need some tweaking, but the basics of straightjacketting the layout and
  • 100 films
    Bit of an abstract milestone, but the previous post marked the 100th entry tagged with film on this blog. That's 100 reviews (well, not quite, some are just quotes or link
  • word clouds
    These are not tag clouds but word clouds, from a nice applet at Wordle.net . (Both images are distilled from my blog feed. The second is without filtering of common words.
  • bookmark & share
    For those of you using one of the many social bookmark tools (like del.icio.us , digg , StumbleUpon and Technorati ), this weblog now contains a convenient button at the b
  • tags
    As a start of the long overdue redesign of this blog, i'll be experimenting with adding tags to entries. So bear with potential bugs... Tagging, as a form of adding metada
  • compliment spam
    Argh! Heavy comment spam attack tonight. Is 53 in 14 minutes a record? Probably not. But the annoying thing is you have to weed them all out manually, which is kind of an
  • electric acrid smell
    It's good to be back online. My computer literally blew itself up this week, with a big bang and an electric acrid smell that reminded me it's still a nuts and bolts machi
  • the customer is king today
    Yes i know these pages need redesign. For the time being added a hint of sun, which according to some is not an overwhelming improvement ("it's like on fire") but will hav
  • time, pt. 4
    Yeah, well, I guess there always comes that time when you should do something about your blog but you really can't find the time. This has been that time... (15 days 5 hou
  • rsi vs. evolutionary advantage
    Ladies and gentlemen we are offically afloat in cyberspace! Let's see whether this proves to be an evolutionary advantage weighing up against the RSI in my back...
  • this is a fake blog
    Although Wikipedia's definition doesn't mention it, some people say a blog is only a blog when readers can react. True as that might be, I just haven't implemented this fe

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