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  • the book of disquiet
    I'd like the reading of this book to leave you with the impression that you've traversed a sensual nightmare. One of the great masterpieces of modernist literature, Fernan
  • sonnet ix
    Oh to be idle loving idleness! But I am idle all in hate of me; Ever in action's dream, in the false stress Of purposed action never set to be. Like a fierce beast self-pe
  • the year of the death of ricardo reis
    José Saramago 's novel ' The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis ' ('O Ano da Morte de Ricardo Reis') is a classic example of intertextuality , blurring the line between fac
  • mestre
    Master, serene All hours We waste, if in The wasting them, As in a jar, We set flowers. The beginning of Ricardo Reis' poem 'Mestre'. Reis was one of the Portuguese poet F

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