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  • mirror of holland
    This year's Nederlands Film Festival has a program called Mirror of Holland, a retrospective of Dutch cinema of the past 30 years as "cultural-historical documents". The p
  • jazzed
    Another favorite at the Dutch Film Festival was the Flemish short animation 'Jazzed', by Anton Setola . Following a jazz musician on a riotous night out, the story, set to
  • the last days of emma blank
    Finally saw ' De laatste dagen van Emma Blank ' ('The Last Days of Emma Blank') at the Dutch Film Festival last week. Happy to report that after the disappointment of ' Ob
  • granitsa
    Some interesting Flemish shorts at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht this weekend, with mostly ingenious, violently funny plots and raw, explosive styles that are a
  • simon vs. oscar
    Rarely a Dutch film comes out worth recommending. But Simon, the new film by Eddy Terstall , is definitely worth seeing. Opening film on the Dutch Film Festival and the Du

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