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  • krapp's last tape
    In Samuel Beckett 's short play ' Krapp's Last Tape ' (1958) an old man reviews his life, listening to tapes he has recorded every year on his birthday, and making a new r
  • silent monologue
    Strange sight, ' Not I ' playing soundlessly on a large screen / billboard at Amsterdam Zuid-WTC station. As reviewed before , the film, starring Julianne Moore , is part
  • to the lighthouse
    Virginia Woolf 's fifth novel ' To the Lighthouse ', published in 1927, is one of her most experimentally modernist works. The book's genius is hard to summarize, except b
  • the last concern
    Sequence To sleep, with the moon in one eye and the sun in the other, Love in your mouth, a lovely bird in your hair, Adorned like the fields, the woods, the routes, the s
  • not i
    Finally saw some of the ' Beckett on Film ' pieces at the Beckett Centenary Festival in Dublin. The short (45 sec) ' Breath ' by Damien Hirst , ' Act Without Words I ' by

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